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An Evening with a Midium

The Original Ghost Tours in Canal Fulton

Did you know that most of the earliest Ghosts were not there to haunt or scare people.  That was left up to Hollywood and Television. 
Most early Ghosts were said to ask the people they interacted with to properly bury the Ghost’s body or to give information to a loved one


An Evening with a Medium
An original and unique experience

The Paranormal Phenomenon  takes you on a spiritual journey into the world of self discovery and possibility. It represents an opportunity for you to become part of a Paranormal experience where a Medium will describe who the spirits are within the room or who came with someone and will pass along any specific messages
received followed by a question and answer session.


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Schedule a private party for just you and your friends. The cost is a minimum of $450.00, which is calculated at $30.00 pp up to 15 people. If there are more than 15 people, each person then will be charged $30.00 pp. Price includes dessert and a beverage coffee/ice tea. As a private event, each person can bring along a personal item where Helen will be able to feel the spirit energy that may be attached to it. There will be the opportunity for a few people to experience a Native American healing practice where Helen will sense the negative energy in the body and will try to draw out that negative energy and replace with positive energy to try to rebalance the body for a sense of well being.

The Paranormal journeys take place throughout the week including day time events.
Please submit the requested dates and you will be notified of their availability.
Your available date will be confirmed upon receipt of the full pre-paid amount.

Bar available one hour prior to start of tour.




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